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Crank That Soulja Boy Dance

How to Do the Crank That Soulja Boy
Crank That Soulja Boy Dance Steps:
Jump, crossing your legs. Jump again, uncrossing them. (criss cross your legs).
Bring your right foot up behind your left leg, bent at an angle. Tap your foot with your left hand. Bring your foot down and center your weight
Slightly twist your hips three times while leaning to the right. On the third time, turn your arms upwards and snap and quickly stomp your right foot.
Stomp your right foot one more time. Center your weight again, and then cross your right leg over your left.
Bring the right knee upwards and tap it with your right hand. Then bring the right leg down again and center your weight.
After centering your weight, push off to the right and bring the left leg up and the arms forward in the "Superman" style.
When he says "Now watch me YUUUAA! (Crank that soulja boy)" Jump on one foot going in that same direction and and crank your hands like a motorcycle. Alternate each time.
When soulja boy says "Crank that robocop" put each of your arms by the sides of your head and have all your fingers pointing in the direction. And touch your knees back and forth.
Repeat steps again when they say "Soulja Boy up in dis (oooohh)"
There's a part when they say "I'm jocking on ya". Basically, ball your hands up into a fist and swing your first by your ears from side to side. That's the jocking part.
The Roosevelt, stand with your feet straight together and swing your arms around your back as you pop your knee.
The Supersoak, put your right hand near your waist and pump forward and backward with your left as if pumping up a watergun. That's the supersoak.
In the second verse, the first line is "I'm bouncin' on my toe". When he says this, basically "jumptoe". This is jumping and tiptoeing at the same time. Just jump with your toes pointed about 3-4 times (or until the line is over).
Crank That Soulja Boy Origin & History
The "Crank That" was originated in Atlanta, GA by rapper Soulja Boy. The dance accompanied his debut single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)".
Dance Tips
Do it slowly bit by bit then put it all together with music
If you listen very carefully and understand "Rap" Speak, the song tells you what to do.
Crank That Soulja Boy Video Example
What is the Crank That Soulja Boy?

Crank That Soulja Boy is an accompanying dance to Soulja Boy’s Single “Crank That”.

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