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Crip Walking Dance

How to Do the Crip Walking
Crip Walking Dance Steps:
Shift your body by making V shaped movements with your feet
Shuffle. Shuffling is also used in Crip walking, which is when you start off one foot flat the other foot in front on its toe, and you switch feet and positions repetitively.
Do the heel toe. There is also the heel toe, where your front foot is on the heel, back foot on toe, and you move your back foot horizontal then switch positions. Using this move will make you clown walk and not crip walk.
X-hop. There is also the X- hop with switches feet positions in an X.
Crip Walking Origin & History
The Crip walk originated in South Central California with the Crip gang that resided there. Originally, the dance is meant to spell "Crip" but has sense been taken into various spin offs.
Dance Tips
Crip Walking Video Example
What is the Crip Walking?

Crip walking is a dance that encompasses mainly quick and intricate footwork.

  • Creator
    The Crip Gang
  • Dance Users
    Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg
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    4 Steps
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