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Cupid Shuffle Dance

How to Do the Cupid Shuffle
Cupid Shuffle Dance Steps:
Wait for the music and the right time to get your Groove on.
Step 4 times to the right.
Step 4 times to the left.
'Kick' your right leg, then your left leg only up to the heel of your foot. Repeat this twice for each leg. 'Kick' means put your heel to the floor in front of you.
Walk it by yourself. Just walk in place, but turn to the left while doing so, so that when you get to the next part, you're facing the next wall. You can also turn and shake your hips to the beat.
Repeat dance for each direction you're facing (if you do this four time you make a complete circle).
Cupid Shuffle Origin & History
Accompanying his hit song with the same name, The rapper/singer known as Cupid came out with "The Cupid Shuffle" in 2006.
Dance Tips
Remember every part comes in 4's.
Stay with the beat; don't go too fast.
Cupid Shuffle Video Example
What is the Cupid Shuffle?

The Cupid Shuffle is a song/line dance from the artist Cupid.

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