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Snap Dance Dance

How to Do the Snap Dance
Snap Dance Dance Steps:
To actually do the dance, start at the point where the chorus occurs, move one shoulder forward and the other backward, sort of like in a back and forth motion. Do this 3 times and to the beat.
Then keeping the left (or right) stationary and bending the right leg rock slightly to the left side. You should bend slightly backwards and be in a diagonal position. Snap your fingers as well. It helps with the rhythm.
Rock back to the original position while snapping, do the back and forth motion with the shoulders and rock to the right side this time.
Snap Dance Origin & History
The snap dance originated in Atlanta, Ga. It was led by Dem Franchise Boys' single "Lean wit it, Rock wit it"
Dance Tips
Snap Dance Video Example
What is the Snap Dance?

A dance based on the snapping of one’s fingers.

  • Creator
    Dem Franchise Boys
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    Dem Franchise Boyz, D4L, Soulja Boy, Yung Joc
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