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Walk It Out Dance

How to Do the Walk It Out
Walk It Out Dance Steps:
Stand with your feet about shoulder width apart.
Rise onto the balls of your feet, lifting your heels off the floor.
Pivot your toes to the right side...your heels should twist to the left side. Repeat, pivoting your toes to the left side, heels to the right. Continue alternating to the right and left.
As you pick up speed, lift your right foot off the floor as you pivot to the right. Lift your left foot off the floor as you pivot to the left.
Walk It Out Origin & History
The walk it out dance originated in DJ Unk's hometown of Atlanta, Ga. It accompanies his song of the same name.
Dance Tips
Try to keep your upper body still, twisting at the waist
Bend your knees as you pivot.
Keep your heels off the floor. While learning the move, feel free to use your arms for balance.
As you get more comfortable with the moves, feel free to add in a few hops, jumps and taps.
Walk It Out Video Example
What is the Walk It Out?

The Walk It Out dance is the dance that accompanies the DJ Unk song “Walk It Out”.

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