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Wu Tang Dance

How to Do the Wu Tang
Wu Tang Dance Steps:
Open your legs as you would do a squat or stand up straight, whichever you prefer.
Ball your fists. Place your elbows equal with your sides.
Rock your hips from front to back and move on your heels/toes from side to side simultaneously. You can do it quickly or slowly.
Move both arms up and around at the same time, as if you were banging on a table with your fists.
Repeat steps three and four as necessary.
Wu Tang Origin & History
The Wu Tang Dance came out of Philadelphia and was used as a response to popular dances from other regions in the United States such as "The Chicken Noodle Soup" and "Crunk Dancing"
Dance Tips
Wu Tang Video Example
What is the Wu Tang?

The Wu Tang Dance consists of the jerking of the arms in an up-and-down/side-to-side motion. The movement of the arms sometimes resemble someone flexing their muscles.

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