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Ice Cube Weighs In On Richard Sherman’s Post Game Comments; References Tupac’s ‘Thug Life’ Code

Posted By on January 24, 2014

During a recent interview with ESPN, rapper Ice Cube weighed in on Seattle Seahawk‘s Richard Sherman and the post game comments he made about being the best in the NFL.


Cube was all for Sherman’s take on the word”thug”, but didn’t agree with him calling out The 49er’s Michael Crabtree.

“I think he’s right definitely in a lot of what he said,” Ice Cube said in an interview with SportsNation. “But it’s the perception…It’s a thing that I think this word became super popular and people started to code it on people, you know. Tupac said ‘thug life’ and everybody feels like if you come from those areas you must be like Tupac thug life and it ain’t true.

“I mean, I didn’t like him calling out Crabtree,” he added. “I didn’t think he should have called out the player. Do I like him being hype, brash, liking trash talking? Yeah, I love it. That’s what you watch football for. You not watching no choir boys.”


Check out the full interview with Ice Cube below: