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Ice Cube Prepares I Am The West; Talks New Tracks

Posted By on April 13, 2010

   Gangsta Rap pioneer Ice Cube has been talking alot about his new upcoming album “I Am The West” that is due out on July 13th on his own Lench Mob Records. While we already know the first single of the album is called “I Rep That West” which leaked last week we now get more details on more tracks that will make the album.

   Last Week Cube made headlines when everyone thought he was dissing Dr. Dre in the leaked performance of “Drink the Kool-Aid“. In a recent interview with Baller Status, Cube speaks on two songs that are goign to be on the album, “Man Vs Machine and “Hood Robbin“.

“[‘Man Vs. Machine‘] is talking about our obsessions with machinery and how it’s taking over,” he said in an interview. “Automation is taking over human beings in all our relevancy in this world. Pretty soon, machines are gonna take over and that’s just real…[‘Hood Robbin‘] is talking about how big corporations is now stealing from the poor and giving to the rich. It’s a whole thing about the things we’re going up against with housing and medical insurance … just everything people are going through. Real shit that ain’t got nothing to do with money, cars, [and] all the sh** most rappers talk about.”

   Not only does Cube have a new album dropping this summer but he has also recently shot a documentary for ESPN’s 30 for 30 docuemntary series. Where he outlines the Oakland Raiders moving from LA to Oakland.

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