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Ice Cube Takes His Movie To TV

Posted By on July 15, 2009

    Ice Cube has teamed up with TBS to debut a television version of his "Are We There Yet?" film. After a bidding war with USA and BET, TBS signed on for 10 episodes with an option for 90 more. Ali LeRoi, who wrote "Everybody Hates Chris," will write the script and produce along side Ice Cube and Matt Alvarez. Although Ice Cube will make random appearances on the show, he won't be playing his role from the film, that will land on Terry Crew. "Terry Crews is the perfect person to replace me as Nick," Ice Cube says. "His physical comedy is undeniable. [And] no one runs a show like Ali. We are dedicated to creating a new template for family comedy."

    In related news, Ice Cube is currently working on his new film "Janky Promoters." The new comedy will also star Mike Epps and Young Jeezy. Written by Cube, the film is based on two shady concert promoters (Cube and Epps) who get into hot water when their chance
to book a superstar rapper goes awry.