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Ice Cube Talks Featuring His Sons On Album

Posted By on August 31, 2010

      Ice Cube featured his two sons, who go by OMG and Doughboy, on his upcoming "I Am The West" album. The two are featured on the Bangladesh-produced "She Couldn't Make It On Her Own" and "Yall Know How I Am."

     “When I heard the ['She Couldn't Make It on Her Own'] beat, I knew wanted to do a song with my sons. The beat feels young to me. I didn’t want them to come out on something that really wasn’t their personality. Their personality, they ain’t from the ‘hood. They didn’t have to grow up like that, like I did. So I wanted them to do something that showed their personality. I put them on a track that wasn’t strictly a gangsta-rap track, that was fun and something they could come off on.” He finshes by saying,  “They dope. They still ain’t better than me, but they dope. I’m impressed. I’m really impressed by what they doing.”

Ice Cube – Talks About Featuring His Sons On His Album