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Ice Cube Says Rhymes Are Not Disses

Posted By on September 8, 2010

     Ice Cube may have mentioned people in his upcoming "I Am The West" album, including Jay-Z and Dr Dre, but he says they are simply shout-outs not disses.

     "To me, it's styling and finesse, that's where I come from," Cube told MTV News after previewing the album. "It's a lot of MCs out there, it's not dissing [them]. I guess when you mention these MCs that's at the top of the game and you mention yourself in there, you letting [people] know you on top of your game too. It's on that tip. It's just fresh, fly-ass lines. I couldn't let them go once I thought of them; I had to write them down. But it's not dissing."

Ice Cube – Says Rhymes Are Shout Outs Not Disses