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Ice Cube

Ice Cube Returns To Television

Posted By on October 30, 2008

    Ice Cube will write and executive produce a new television comedy series for NBC. "As we continue to expand our roster of diverse talent both on-camera and behind the camera, a guy like Ice Cube, whose multi-talented, is someone we really wanted to be in business with," NBC chairman said, continuing "He's had an amazing career, to have gone from NWA to this." Although Ice Cube won't appear on the series, the NBC chairman wouldn't mind if he did saying "We really want to capture his voice and his eye for talent, and his producing acumen, if he appeared in the pilot or series, we'd be really excited about that."

    The last time Ice Cube was on television was when he was executive producing Showtime's "Babershop" series and FX's "Black, White." No release date has been set for Cubes new series.