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Ice Cube

Ice Cube excited over working with Dre!

Posted By on September 23, 2002

As if Cube didn’t have enough to be excited about with his movie “Barbershop” collecting $21million in its opening weekend!
He is now working with his old gangsta group N.W.A bandmate Dre on the album which Cube described as ”it could be the best album I’ve ever released”. They first appearing together on 1988’s classic Straight Outta Compton.
The album (untitled) will coincide with dre’s album cube explains.”I’m writing,” Cube said. “[Dre’s] doing music. He’s also working on his album. We’re trying to get [both albums] to come out around the same time. Tour together. Make it a big, full circle.”

Cube said he and Dre probably won’t be taking their careers a full 360 degrees by participating in a N.W.A reunion. But yuo can expect to massive albums if these two; ‘tha gangstas of rap’ are involved