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Ice Cube Stays A True Gangster By Not Censoring Himself

Posted By on July 2, 2008

    Ice Cube is getting back to being a true gangster, not caring about censoring himself. "I released the Internet single called 'Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It' [watch here] The video was so hard-core, it just stayed on the Internet," Cube said, on the set of his new video "Do Your Thang" [watch here] "This one is gonna be released worldwide. It's one of those summer songs about doing your thing, not worrying about who's looking at it. It's about being yourself and doing you. "I wanted to finally do a video and not worry about censoring myself or not taking things out that some censors don't like," he continued.

    Ice Cube's new album, Raw Footage, comes out August 19th. Don't think just because he toned down the mainstream video, that his album will be toned down. "I'm raw footage," he said. "I believe in speaking the real. I been waiting to do this album for a long time. I felt hip-hop wasn't ready for it, that street knowledge I used to do. What's going on with the politics of today — letting the politicians know what's going on with the streets — that's my specialty. This album is full of that. Hip-hop for the brain."

    Watch Ice Cube's New Video "Do Your Thang," Click Here