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Ice Cube Talks Nas Album Title Change

Posted By on June 16, 2008

    Ice Cube became the latest rapper to talk about Nas and the changing of his album title (Nas recently changed his album title from N*gger to Untitled). On the set of his latest video, Ice Cube said "It's a business at the end of the day. A lot of people invest money in the record, and they want to sell it. If they can't put it on the shelves, it's hard to sell. I don't think he bowed down to pressure. I think he, more or less, had to look at the reality that if he called the record that, it would hold the record back more than if he didn't. "

    Cube went on to talk about rappers overall and their music saying "We do this music for it to be heard. Not for it to be sitting around somewhere and be this niche thing. I love Nas, because he's kind of like the East Coast version to what I do. He don't just do 'hood records. He tries to put some knowledge in it. His record is gonna be bangin'! I don't care what he calls it. It's still gonna be bangin'."