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Irv Gotti Blames Jay-Z For Celebrity Couple Problems

Posted By on May 4, 2009

    Irv Gotti, the head of Murder Inc (or is it just INC now?) recently talked about celebrity couples and even said Jay-Z is responsible for it all. Talking to Radio DJ Angie Martinez, Irv said "I just don't think most [celebrity relationships] are real and have a real foundation," Irv explained. "I don't think that it started with real love and everything. I think the way Hov is, everyone started getting on these celebrity couples after they seen Hov and [Beyonce] which I believe is the one true, real one. I want 'em to make it. I like those two alot. Hov is my brother and I'm just happy for them now. But they thing looks really real and with everyone else, it's like Hov tells you to take off your throwbacks and put on button-downs and that's what they do. They see Hov with the power couple and that's what they doing. That's like what's 'in' now."

    In related news, Irv could be right with the recent news of Kelis and Nas divorcing. [more here
One of the few hip-hop power couples will soon be no more. It has been confirmed that singer Kelis, although she is seven months pregnant with their first child, has filed for divorce from rapper Nas. "We request the media to respect her privacy during this very difficult time," a spokesman for the couple said. Attorney Laura Wasser, who has repped Britney Spears, Angelina Jolie, and Stevie Wonder, filed a divorce petition today on behalf of Kelis.