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Irv Gotti Gets Reality Show Renewed

Posted By on December 5, 2007

Irv "Gotti", Hip-Hop mogul, Murder INC Honcho, Lorenzo’s reality TV show Gotti’s Way has been green lighted for season two.

Gotti's Way stars The Inc.'s CEO and founder Irv Gotti, as he and his wife Deb go through a separation while he balances being a father and a business man.

''We [have] officially announced that we're doing season 2," MTV Networks Entertainment President Brian Graden told Entertainment Weekly. "Production's almost immediate, because we know what's going in their lives."

Gotti, who is currently working on Ja Rule's upcoming album The Mirror, has also a signed a new artist named Newz to The Inc. label.

The show continue to examine the relationship between Gotti and his estranged wife Deb Lorenzo who has been separated from Gotti for one year.

"It is confusing because if you ask me, I would do anything for Deb," Gotti told the Associated Press in a recent interview. "If she needed my kidneys I would take a knife and cut me open and hand it to her. If you ask me if I can stop (cheating) … Yo … (laughs) … it’s just honest. It’s like, what are you to do? Me and her have developed such a cool friendship. She is like my man. She is like Ja. She is like my brother. That’s my man and I would never hurt my man knowing I’m going to hurt him."

The next season will reveal whether the Lorenzo’s relationship will be reconciled on ended.

"It is definitely explored in season two," Garden stated. "I think it's fair to say that that conversation is still very much alive."

Ja Rule’s album The Mirror has been pushed back until January 2008.