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Isaiah Rashad Describes The Meaning Behind His “Cilvia Demo EP”

Posted By on January 28, 2014

Isaiah Rashad Describes The Meaning Behind His “Cilvia Demo EP”

TDE‘s newest signee, Isaiah Rashad, just released his first project under the label. “Cilvia Demo EP” is a sum of Rashad’s life thus far. He recently spoke to Revolt to reveal the meaning behind the EP and emphasizes he just wanted to properly introduce himself to the world.

“I gotta emphasize that this my first project. But in my project Cilvia I just wanna take you on a ride,” Isaiah said. “Imagine like getting off work at like six o’clock, 6 PM. And like you don’t go home. You with your homies. And you get home at 6 AM. That’s what my project is. And I don’t wanna give you like a sum up of my whole life, but I can give you like the past two, three years. I can sum it up in 10 tracks. 10 cool ass tracks and that’s what I’mma give niggas.”

Rashad went on to talk about what it’s like being signed to such a powerhouse in Hip Hop.

“Imagine being—not necessarily a rapper, but being an artist,” he said. I draw from what’s happening right now all the time. I draw from the conversations that’s happening right now. And all I can think to rap about is I’m around the biggest rapper in the world and my whole life has changed. Like signing [and] being where I’m at really just put me in the middle of all I gotta do is make music. And you never think about how much pressure you can put on yourself when all you gotta do is make music…Rapping and making music [the] only shit that really give me some type of peace of mind.”


Purchase “Cilvia Demo” on itunes HERE.


Check out the full interview with Rashad below:

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