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J Cole

J.Cole Confirms Being Married; Speaks On Social Justice

Posted By on January 19, 2016

During a MLK event, J.Cole had no choice but to let the people know he’s officially off the market. While interviewing the rapper, ‘Creed’ Director Ryan Coogler accidentally let it slip that Cole is married when he asked the MC how life has changed since becoming a husband. From the footage you can tell Cole was caught off guard, but handled it like a pro saying:

“That was like one thing to not do. Nah, I’m just joking. It’s all good. Well they know now. That was cool though. That’s like a black history moment. They’re never gonna forget that,” J. Cole said.

After speaking on married life, Cole got serious an addressed social justice and his thought son how we can break the cycle:

“I got to see the Malcolm speech from Andre, which was crazy,” the rapper said. “And to hear Mr. Belafonte speak and give his speech. And just to see the parallels. And I know that that’s why y’all put this on. To drive the message home, but it’s crazy how those things are—I mean it’s inspiring, but it’s also a little disheartening. It’s a lot of things for me. But it’s crazy how much of that stuff is still—All of it is still so relevant. And I’m curious to know and I would love to talk about it. It’s like, how do we stop it from being in a cycle of like great leaders who have great things to say and who know, but it’s like—And fight so hard to spend they whole lives fighting, but then we—I don’t want to have to do this 50 years from now. And then they quoting you or quoting whoever and it’s the same thing.”

“So, it’s like I wonder what we have to do to stop that cycle,” he added. “I have some ideas. It’s not concrete ideas, but I have a feeling…I feel like even before that’s [economic power] possible, it’s like we got to turn our sights from outward at the system, which is totally wrong. Like completely wrong, but we gotta turn our sights from looking outward at the system and how wrong it is to inward. And how we’ve been affected by it. And how we can work every day to clean ourselves. We poisoned, bro.”


Check out the footage from the event below: