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J Cole Makes Debut Album Better And Better

Posted By on April 22, 2010

     J Cole is currently working on his debut album and he recently said down to talk about it. "I’m working on the album. Oh my god! I’m like getting more excited about the album everyday that goes by, every week that passes by. People around me and my team feel I have a classic on my hands. They always want to tell me like, “Yo you good, you don’t really need anything else.” Honestly, I don’t feel like. I feel that I can drop another song that was crazier than all the other shit that was on the album. So, the album keeps getting better and better mainly due to the fact I’m not satisfied because I know all the people that are coming out this year. This is an incredible year for music. There will be a bunch of big albums in 2010. I just have to put my best foot forward basically because if not, these dudes are going to try and crush me. Like, for example, I just keep thinking Kanye is coming with some shit. I already know he is gonna kill the game, so I just want to come out and make a splash. A big splash."

     "I really want to make a dent in the game, be someone people are talking about 10 years from now. So hopefully that happens once I drop the album. If i think it’s crazy right now, it’s going to be more crazier by the end of the year."


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