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J Cole Shoots For August Release

Posted By on May 6, 2010

     Jay-Z's new artist, Roc Nations's J Cole, has already been on big albums like Jigga's "Blueprint 3" song "A Star Is Born," but the upcoming rapper says he's ready to release his debut album. "They ain't gave me no date yet, but I'll just say August myself, because that's what feels right and that's what it looks like, trajectory-wise," Cole said. "You might have an incredible single or an incredible song, and if you just set it up the wrong way, it won't go as far as it could've went," he said. "I feel like Jay's last album had the perfect setup, single-wise. So it's really about finding the right setup, and then from there, it's up to the people to decide."

      J Cole continued by talking about working with hit producer Jim Jonsin. "When you think Jim Jonsin, he has #1's. His #1's include [Lil Wayne's] "Lollipop" and Beyoncé and huge pop records. So when I went in there, of course I'm not going in there with an attitude. I'm going in there really like, 'OK, what's about to come out of this?' Because, man, that's really not my style. The first beat he played me was like, 'Whoa.' And he hadn't heard my stuff really, but the first beat he played me was custom-fit for me."

J Cole – Talks About August As Release Month For Debut