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J Cole Plans To Leak New Mixtape Songs (Video)

Posted By on July 27, 2011

     Roc Nation's own J Cole recently was interviewed during which he said that he no long plans on releasing a mixtape. Rather than putting out a new mixtape, J Cole says that he will leak the songs that would have been on the mixtape itself. 

“I’m not gonna put out a mixtape,” said Cole. “I just decided this, but the music I was gonna put on the mixtape I’mma just slowly drop it. I’ll just drop it out online and they’ll find it. You know, my fans will find it how they will. I’m confident. I don’t wanna run and drop a mixtape. I don’t want people to get confused with that. I don’t want them to love it, because they’ll love it. If I put out a mixtape they’re gonna love it cause I don’t know how to put out a bad mixtape. That’s the problem. So I don’t want them to fall in love too much and them my album comes four weeks later, five weeks later. We only eight weeks out. That’s not a long time. I’ll be giving them songs in the meantime so it’s cool.”

J Cole – Says He Wont Release A Mixtape: Rather Multiple Songs