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J Cole Talks His Home State Hate (Video)

Posted By on August 3, 2010

     J Cole recently talked about how his home state of North Carolina recently denounced his new "Who Dat" tribute music video after Fayetteville State University admirstrators denounced it for having "explicit content." Cole says the issue is simply that the Chancellor, James Anderson, could not see a positive message behind the rhymes.

      "He pretty much had a problem with the cheerleaders appearing in the video," Cole said about Fayetteville State's issue with his viral video. "We had the cheerleaders from FSU, we had the highschool marching band from one of the local schools — basically the chancellor of Fayetteville State was upset because of my language. He was upset that everything fell into place, the highschool had to say the same thing but I feel that's their age difference. That's that social, cultural difference in age. Like, they can't look past the curse words and see somebody from Fayetteville made it out and is actually doing something positive that they like and wants to come back and shine some light on the city and they can't look past the curse words. I understand but that's not how the city feels, it's how he feels."

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