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J Cole Talks Jay-Z / Beyonce Pregnancy News

Posted By on August 30, 2011

     Roc Nation's own J Cole recently spoke about his reaction to seeing Jay-Z and wife Beyonce shock everyone Sunday at the Video Music Awards as they announced their pregnancy status to the public. Speaking about how he found out the news, J Cole spoke about his happiness for the couple.

"Somebody was like 'Beyonce pregnant?!' Then they showed the photo of her, I guess on the carpet with her hands on her stomach showing her baby bump. It was just instant smiles and instant disbelief or whatever but I was just telling somebody it feel like the whole world is having a baby right now. That's how ill it is," Cole said. "Not only are they huge celebrities but I feel like they did it right. They carried themselves in the public light right, they represent black people, right, correctly. So it's like the only thing we've seen like that is Will and Jada [Smith] but even they're a little more relevant to us, like immediately more relevant to our generation at least my generation so that's why it feels so important." (Bitchie TV)

J Cole – Talks Beyonce Pregnancy Announcement