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J Cole Compares Debut To Jay-Z’s “Blueprint”

Posted By on September 19, 2011

     With the release date for his long-awaited "Cole World: The Sideline Story" debut album getting closer everyday, J Cole recently offered his thoughts on if his album will stand the test of time. When asked to describe his album in one word, J Cole compared it to Jay-Z's "Blueprint" album.

"Timeless. I feel like six months from now, one year from now, two, three years from now, it'll give you the same feeling. It's got a feeling, it's got a sound to it," Cole said in an interview. "Like The Blueprint. I'm not saying it sounds like Blueprint — I'm saying I can throw the album in at any time and I'll know what it's going to sound like and how it's going to feel. Like it's one of those. But only time can tell." (Fly Times Daily)

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