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J Cole Names Top 5 Rapers Dead Or Alive

Posted By on September 26, 2011

     Roc Nation's own J Cole recently revealed who he considers the top five rappers of all time, dead or alive. Ranging from the late Tupac Shakur to the more modern Andre 3000, Cole also mentions his bossman Jay-Z.

"Dead or alive, you gotta start with, obviously 2Pac's my favorite rapper of all time," Cole said in an interview with radio host Nessa Nitty. "And then we go to Nas. No particular order after that. Nas. Jay. Eminen. And let's say, I'm going to say Andre 3000, right. Just because, you know, [he's a] super duper storyteller, [and has] creative flows." (WiLD 949)

J Cole – Talks Top 5 Rappers (Dead Or Alive)