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J Cole Prays To God That He Wins A Grammy

Posted By on December 9, 2010

     Roc Nation's own J Cole recently spoke about making a record that he thinks is worthy of a Grammy Award. Keeping details to a minimum, J Cole did mention the track is produced by Danjahandz.

"I have an incredible song that I hope wins a Grammy," Cole said in an interview. "I pray to God. It's such an incredible song. I love it…It's a really J. Cole song, but in single form, big radio form, but still emotional, really deep, thought-provoking type of song..It's still commercially acceptable with a really super duper hook that sometimes I can't believe I wrote like, 'Man, how did this hook come to me?' I wanna get somebody on the hook in particular and I just spoke with that person too, so we're gonna make that happen." (Rap-Up)

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