Ja Rule Talks Album; Jay-Z, Raekwon (Video)

Ja Rule Talks Album; Jay-Z, Raekwon (Video)

     Ja Rule recently spoke about his upcoming "Renaissance" album and why that he he decided to not do the other album this year. Ja also talks about Jay-Z and Raekwon making hip hop an over-done trend.

"It's gonna be called The Renaissance Project," Rule told Mikey T The Movie Star, referring to his upcoming album. "I didn't scrap Venni Vetti Vecci 2. I still got a lot of songs from Venni Vetti Vecci 2 but I'm feeling like everybody's doing the sequel album and you know, I didn't want to keep the cliche sh*t going. I'm dropping. That's what they need to know. I'm coming heavy with records in the next few weeks. I'm about to start dropping some records. 'Man Down' is out right now. It's getting a lot of love, getting a lot of response from a lot of deejays and sh*t. But you know, we about to start dropping records heavy. The game is different, it changed a lot. I understand the game is about dropping music even if it's not good material. So [my record label] MPire's getting ready to drop a lot of material in the next few weeks." (Movie Star Status DVD)

Ja Rule – Talks Prison, Movies And New Album


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