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Ja Rule

Ja Rule talks Life in Jail

Posted By on February 2, 2012

Currently incarcerated rapper Ja Rule updates fans on how he's been since he got locked down a few months ago to serve out a two year gun possesion conviction. Ja looks for the good in this bad situation and credits a few inmates with making jail a more enjoyable time.

Serving two years for gun possession, Ja Rule found a new posse behind bars — a couple of cons he calls "Hevey D" and "Koz." The Queens-raised rap star says disgraced pol Alan Hevesi and corporate greed poster-boy Dennis Kozlowski took him under their wings. From Kozlowski, he got stock tips. From Hevesi, he heard about the perennial impasse in Albany. They watched Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert together. "Outside, you don't meet guys like this every day. This place is amazing," Ja Rule told the Daily News during an exclusive interview at Mid-State Correctional Facility in upstate Oneida, N.Y. The rapper, whose real name is Jeffrey Atkins, has been in prison since June for gun possession and tax evasion. He's not scheduled to get out until February 2013, but he's getting ready for his new album, "Pain is Love 2," to drop later this month — and networking. "Koz just got out on work release. Not to say I wish he was still here," he said. "But they're both great, smart guys." (New York Daily News)