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Ja Rule Falls In Love in New Movie

Posted By on March 8, 2010

     Ja Rule will continue his acting career as he will co-star in the upcoming film "Im In Love With A Church Girl" alongside R&B singer Adrienne Bailon. Directed by Steve Race and produced by an Indi movie company, the new film will go into production this May. Ja Rule will play a big time drug dealer who has turned his life around, but still associates with his former colleagues and friends. He meets the girl of his dreams and has to choose between returning to his old way of life or continuing down a legitimate path.

     In related news, Ja Rule recently talked about his upcoming album. "I wanted to do a three disc set but I'm thinking about changing the idea of how I want to do it," Rule told interviewer Lola. "One set was gonna be all hip-hop. Straight back to the roots hip-hop was gonna be the first disc, then the second one was gonna be when I came into the game and kinda transformed, learned being in the business doing duets and stuff like that. The third disc was gonna be Rule, my new sound and that was gonna be that but the album is coming out crazy so I think I wanna give 'em, maybe a double. Or I might just give 'em 14, 15 bangers…This time, it's more of the content of myself, what I've been through, what I've seen…It's coming in the summer time, I was pushing for a June date but I don't know if I'm gonna make that date or not. So it'll definitely be here this summer."

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