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Ja Rule Sides With Rick Ross Against 50 Cent

Posted By on March 30, 2009

    Infamous 50 Cent hater, Ja Rule has of course taken Rick Ross side in the infamous fued with the G-Unit general. Ja even says that he will be in the remix video for "Mafia Music" from Rick Ross. [watch here] "Yeah, it's f*cking hilarious," he said regarding 50 and Ross. "I'm sittin' back getting a good laugh and sh*t. But yo, check me on that 'Mafia Music' remix. Holla back. Ross, you know how we do, n*gga." [watch here] Ja Rule even went on to talk about his issue with DMX saying "..X was cool. We used to run around and do everything together…He's locked up right now, I haven't spoken to him recently, but you know, I ain't got no beef with X. Me and X was real n*ggas. I don't think it's beef because X is not like that." [watch here]

    Ja Rule made sure to update everyone on his current situation saying "New album coming real soon, I ain't gonna give nobody no dates," Ja said in an interview. "None of that 'We pushin' it back, we pushin' it back' so I ain't giving y'all no motherf*cking date. It's coming real soon. We finishing it up. It's f*cking crazy. Y'all n*ggas get ready. We gonna have a good time this year…[I got a] new jewelry line coming real soon. Y'all can go to Itshot.com to check out all the new pieces from the Rule." [watch here]

Ja Rule Takes Rick Ross Side In 50 Cent Fued