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Ja Rule Says He Isn’t Trying To Restart 50 Beef

Posted By on April 20, 2009

    Recently Ja Rule joined Rick Ross's new remix of "Mafia Music"
[listen here] along with The Game (who was kicked out of G-Unit) and Fat Joe (who's been beefing with 50 for the longest time) but Ja wants everyone to know that he isn't trying to restart his war with the G-Unit general. Using 50 Cent's flow from his "Magic Stick," Ja raps, "Now I smell pussy/ pussy got lips but it don’t talk to me/ that’s why you my bitch and you on my dick/ cause I fucked you up once/ fucked you up twice/and you still talking shit/ what must I do to get through to you?/ kindly get off my dick." [listen here]

    Although he disses 50 in the new remix, Ja insists that he is not trying to restart the old battle. "That beef is like 10 years old," Ja says in a new video. [watch here] "How old is that beef like 5-6 years old? I’m not rehashing the beef I just went and did the record with mofucking Rick Ross. And I’ma always speak my mind and how I feel." [watch here]

    Finishing up in the interview, the Murder Inc (well now it's called INC) star contridicts himself about not wanting to start a beef saying "I could give a fuck about Curly," he added. "So it’s not like it’s a shock to nobody that I’m on the record." [watch here]

Ja Rule – Says He Isn't Rehashing Beef With 50 Cent In New Song