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Ja Rule Calls Hip Hop Beefs Wack

Posted By on April 27, 2010

     The man who was involved in some of the biggest beefs in hip hop, now calls the wack. "I think the beef sh*t is wack," Rule revealed in an interview. "My beef was different, it was real. Physical altercations, all that. A lot of these beefs today, are just publicity stunts for artists to try to sell records. They try to further their careers or whatever, doing so by creating conflict with other artists who are creating a buzz. I think it's watered down hip-hop. Even though hip-hop was founded on the battle, it came from that. It's still, with how far hip-hop has come, the beef records take away from the talent and the creative process of it all. I just think all the beef records and that sh*t is wack."


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