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Ja Rule Says He’s Done WIth 50 Cent Issues

Posted By on April 29, 2011

     It looks like Ja Rule is done with his previous war with G-Unit leader 50 Cent. According to Rule, he no longer has any interest in dealing with his past issues.

"Sway, I promise you, he can get on Twitter right now and say, 'Ja you b*tch a** n*gga,' and I'm gonna say, 'Good for you, young man. I wish you well,' " Ja told Sway in an interview. "I think a lot of people got wrapped up in my and 50's whole nonsense. For that, I would've done that differently, maybe. My beef was with one dude; I'mma keep it with that dude. I'm not gonna drag in this person and that person. Those old feelings are gonna bring back more old emotions and more old feelings. It's not important to me anymore." (MTV)


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