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Ja Rule Talks Irv Gotti & New Album

Posted By on June 15, 2009

    Ja Rule hasn't really been in the spotlight for some time now but his Murder INC boss, Irv Gotti, has stayed in it between his new "Gottis Way" television show and multiple interviews with MTV. Now Ja has come forward to not only talk about his relationship with Irv Gotti but also let everyone know he's still working on his new album.

    "I'm working, I'm not in a rush," Ja Rule said about his forthcoming project. "I'm in the studio working every day. I'm about to go in the studio and work right now and finish up on the album. The album's coming out incredible. It's very different. I wanted to make it special. I wanted the album to be out of this world, and it's definitely shaping up to that. I'm not in a rush. I got a new situation — my Empire Music Group. Gotti's got Murder Inc. We're both still together — there's no separation. We're both together doing what we do, but I got my own situation and I got new artists. We're putting it together."

    In related news, Ja Rule released a new song last week. "Hollywood" [listen here] is the first track from Ja Rule to hit the public in a while so make sure you [listen here]

Ja Rule Says He’s Not In A Rush Musically Video