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Ja Rule Warns Rappers Of His Comeback

Posted By on July 3, 2009

    Ja Rule is warning everyone right now, he's coming back and this time he has a "chip" on his shoulders. [watch here] The former Murder Inc. frontman says not only is new music coming but he plans to launch a new website. "Word to God, Rule York in the building," he says in a video. [watch here] "That's the motherf*cking first blog on Rule York TV on the iPhizzle cam n*gga. I'm getting a lot of hardcore footage. All you b*tch a** n*ggas out there, I'm letting y'all know I'm coming and I'm f*cking, oh, I got a chip on my shoulders this year b*tch." [watch here]

    Ja continued "I'ma let you know something for real for real, brand new n*gga. Nothing f*cking stale, faded, brand new n*gga. Get ready. I'm lettin' y'all n*ggas know man, you got about 60 to 90 days then I'ma put my d*ck in your mouth man. Watch yourselves homies, telling you." [watch here]

Ja Rule Warns Rappers Of His Comeback "I Got A Chip On My Shoulders"