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Ja Rule Says He Confronted 50 In Person

Posted By on July 17, 2009

    Ja Rule recently did an interview where he says although 50 Cent has had many rap beefs, he is the only one who confronted the G-Unit leader in person. [watch here] Rule started off by talking about 50's early career saying that he had a close relationship with law enforcement. I went at 50 too, I don't think n*ggas think about that either. I went
at that n*gga hard too. 50 done had a beef with a gang of n*ggas. Even
the first record he made I think was 'How 2 Rob,' and I was the only
artist that when I seen him, I was like, 'Eh, that ain't funny homie.
What's happening.' You feel what I'm saying? Everybody else that seen
him, 'Hahahahahaaa,' silly n*ggas. Nah n*gga, ain't no dap, n*gga. It
ain't funny. What's happening? And I went at his head. He couldn't f*ck
with what we as doing on these streets so he went into a booth and
became Superman. And that's how that whole thing transcended and he was
talking so much to the police, n*gga couldn't really express his true
feelings. He got my n*ggas facing 20 years in jail, my n*gga Supreme is
doing life right now. When n*ggas talk all that sh*t, I laugh because
they don't know the infrastructure with how it all spiraled to what it
is today." [watch here]

    Ja Rule finished up by saying he plans to release his new album soon. "The warning was 60 days, now it's a little less because that was last week," Rule promised in an interview. "I'm not doing this for the people, I'm doing this for the love of the music." [watch here]

Ja Rule – Says He Confronted 50 Cent In Person