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Ja Rule

Ja Rule Says It’s Still Murda

Posted By on July 21, 2009

     Ja Rule continues to show signs that he is going to infact return to the rap game and the music spotlight, this time with a new collaboration track called "Still Murda." [watch here] Beyond Ja Rule himself, the new song also features the new Murder Inc rapper Newz. [watch here]

     "Murder mo' n*ggas than the Holocaust," Rule raps. [watch here] "B*tch, we get our point across/They call me Jewel Rule/My n*gga bad Newz, the combination of the two equals a dead you…Sicker than a motherf*cker, cough on tracks/I need Robitussin before I get flu, ammonia or something/And I start really frontin' on these n*ggas/Ice cold as December, here's a clue, do remember/I'm the n*gga with the first six deuce long/40 cal/Loft/Maybach/Crib is off and gone, n*gga you can front if you want, it's still…murda." [watch here]

Ja Rule Its Still Murda