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Ja Rule Asks Fans For Help With Next Album

Posted By on July 22, 2009

    Ja Rule is preparing his comeback and recently talked about it in a new interview. [watch here] Besides telling fans that his unreleased "Mirror" album was leaked, Ja Rule asked fans for help with his next release. "New album coming soon," Rule promised in an interview. [watch here]

    "I think I'ma do something for the people where y'all help me with the title of my next album because I was gonna name my sh*t The Mirror but…the album got leaked…I think I'ma do a contest or something where I get the people to give me their feedback on what the album should be called…Keep talking, the album's coming. All y'all hater n*ggas, I love y'all. Keep running your mouths. Y'all n*ggas are helping my cause, keep up the good work." [watch here]

Ja Rule Asks Fans To Help With Comeback