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Ja Rule To Release New Album While In Prison

Posted By on August 2, 2011

     Ja Rule was set to release his new "Pain Is Love 2" album on June 7th, the day before he was set to enter prison to serve his two-year sentence for weapons possession, but Rule realised he wouldn't make that deadline. Producer 7 Aurelius explains that Ja just spent too much time making better records.

“The plan changed mostly because of the level and quality of the records
we were making,” 7 told MIO. “We have exhausted every possible way to
have it available on iTunes for pre-order on the 7th. The main issue is
that Fontana needs the album turned in before they will release a date,
or even start their process which is normally sixty days for digital and
hard copy.”

     7 went on to explain the entire recording process with Ja Rule, detailing how it has been a long process.

“Me and Rule have to capture all the magic around us until he goes in,
otherwise we are doing an injustice to his fans,” he continued, calling
the LP his “most provocative and his most personal album to date.” “If
we had stopped in April just to be able to turn it in to Fontana for a
June 7 date, PIL2 would not be what it is now. They have acknowledged
that because it’s Ja Rule, they will give it a fast track release once
it is turned in and that would be digital and hard copy."

     So with Ja Rule now in prison, when will his new album actually be released? According to HHNM, Ja Rule will drop his new "Pain Is Love 2" album on October 11th, while he is still in prison.


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