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Ja Rule Gets Ready For Back To School

Posted By on August 19, 2009

    With no one really hearing from Ja Rule music wise in a long time, it seems that Ja Rule is focussing on his family. The one-time Grammy nominated rapper sat down to talk about how he gets his kids ready to go back to school during a time when iPods tend to be more important than studing. Ja Rule says he isn't really involved in the back to school shopping for his kids, rather he lets his wife handle that role.

    "Man, I ain't even gonna front," he laughinly said. "I don't do the clothes shopping, they really get what they want. So it's all good. [laughs] My oldest one, they have their iPods and their accessories for school but the main thing is to get your focus and your mind ready. All that extra sh*t is cool but you know, I try to keep them focused on their book [studies] and their work."