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Ja Rule Talks Beef With DMX

Posted By on September 28, 2009

    Last week headlines were made when Ja Rule publicly ended his beef with DMX at the 2009 VH1 Hip Hop Honors ceremony, now Ja is talking about how the truce came about suggesting that the future might hold good things for the former Def Jam label mates. [Ja Rule Talks Beef With DMX – Watch Here] Ja says that their issues were ended back in 06, Rule talked about the public's thoughts of the two rappers as rivals.
    "What led to the cease fire — our beef wasn't really, that serious," Ja explained in an interview. "Me and X, we been friends for a whole lot of years, you know what I'm saying. So, our beef wasn't really, it wasn't really serious like you feel it was. It wasn't crazy like that. It may have felt like that at times; but, it really wasn't…It was really a mutual thing [ending the beef]. We had spoke, recently — you know — through Swizz [Beats]. Last night, [September 23rd] it was extended on both sides; like it's love, n*gga. It ain't like that. That was the first initial opening up to the conversation. Like I said, we've been friends for a whole lot of years. He knows my family, he knows my wife, he knows my kids. I know his wife [and] I know his kids. Last night, I had my wife and my kids with me. So, while I was performing there, X, you know, seen them and gave one love to the kids. He was talking to Little Rule and Brittany. So, right then and there, it let me know that everything was good and as it should be. Then when I finished performing and came down to my seat, he had got up and had came up to me. I was, you know, 'What's happening?' We hung and we kicked it and that was the end of it." [Ja Rule Talks Beef With DMX – Watch Here]

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