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Ja Rule Gets $4.3 Million Dollar Tax Bill

Posted By on October 13, 2011

     Ja Rule is currently behind bars but that doesn't mean his problems can't get worse. The former Murder Inc hip hop star recently was hit with a $4.3 tax bill.

The state of New Jersey sent imprisoned rapper Ja Rule a welcome to prison gift last month — a $4.3 million delinquent tax bill. The bill puts a precise figure on the 35-year-old's tax debt, which is one of the reasons Ja Rule's in a New York prison now. And while the lyric spitter's slumping sales puts him in Vanilla Ice territory, his tax problems rank in Lil Wayne's league. The state of New Jersey filed a $4,317,189 tax lien against Ja Rule and his wife Sept. 8 in New Jersey Superior Court. The address on the lien is Ja Rule's home in Saddle River, N.J (Detroit News)


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