Ja Rule To Star In Youth Pastor’s Film

Ja Rule To Star In Youth Pastor’s Film

     It seems that Ja Rule, Mr "Murda Murda," will star in an upcoming faith-based film, "Im in Love With A Church Girl," a film about an ex-convict who is now a pastor.

Co-Starring actress and musician Adrienne Bailon (member of the now disbanded Cheetah Girls), born-again Christian Stephen Baldwin and renowned music artist TobyMac, the new film was written by Pastor Galley Molina. Molina wrote it while still in his prison cell. He tells the story of how he was at the top of a major drug trafficking ring in the mid-1990s and how he turned his life around after someone engages him to rethink about his faith. (christianpost.com)

     So why would they choose Ja Rule to play this role? “Ja Rule has been ministered to. He's a dear friend. We've been praying for him a lot. He's been open; he's been so [receptive] to the word,” said Molina. The movie is slated for release in 2011.


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