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Ja Rule Allegedly Stiffs Contractor For $8 G’s

Posted By on August 10, 2007

New album coming out, big time appearances, big videos, and unpaid bills? Come on JA? Pay your sh*t!

A New Jersey contractor has filed a criminal complaint against Ja Rule claiming that the New York bred rapper failed to fully compensate him for his services.

According to North Jersey.com, Joel Tobia claims Rule hired him to fix a leak at his $3.5 million Saddle River mansion for $13,000, but only paid him $5,000. Tobia's complaint alleges that Ja's failure to pay amounted to theft of services.

Tobia already obtained a judgment in civil court for $8,000 after Ja failed to show up in court but the rapper's lawyer, Brian Neary, who appeared in Hackensack Municipal Court with his client yesterday (August 9), claims the amount in contention is actually $4,000.

"Some work was done, and there was a dispute as to whether the work was done properly and whether money is owed," Neary said.

The hearing yesterday was scheduled to determine whether there is probable cause for the criminal complaint but it was rescheduled to next week by Judge Roy F. McGeady at Tobia's request.

McGeady could dismiss Tobia's complaint or rule that there is sufficient basis for the complaint to proceed. If the judge allows the case to continue, it would be the second time in a few weeks that Ja (born Jeffery Atkins) would find himself in criminal court.

Last month, Ja was charged with criminal weapons possession after police found a semiautomatic handgun in his car. If convicted, he may face up to three and a half years in prison due to NY's strict new gun laws.