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Ja Rule new LP, Clothing Line and More

Posted By on August 29, 2003

Murder Inc.’s scruffy-voiced cornerstone, Ja Rule, was greeted with cheers on both Friday and Saturday night as he took on guest performer duties during Ashanti’s opening set for R. Kelly according to MTV.

The Rule may soon get a chance to see if the rest of the country is done with that whole backlash thing Irv Gotti said was beleaguering his friend earlier this year when he releases a few new tracks. Def Jam has confirmed that Rule is indeed working on the EP that has been rumored to be happening over the past few weeks. A spokesperson for the Inc. did not have any further details other than that Rule is in the beginning stages, however a couple of people close to Ja say that the EP will definitely have a distinctively harder edge than some of the hits he released the past few years, such as “Always on Time” and “Put It on Me.” The sources also say that Ja Rule still has a double LP on tap and that it will likely come out after the EP. There is no known release date for the rumored LP, and a release date has not yet been set for the EP.

Ja is currently in Las Vegas with his musical family members at the Magic convention promoting the Inc.’s new clothing line, ErvingGeoffrey, which is a play off of Irv Gotti’s birth name, Irving, and Ja’s real name, Jeffrey.

“This is me and Ja’s clothing line,” Irv said in May, clad in a T-shirt from the line. “Ashanti has a piece of it, my brother has a piece of the company. It’s just the natural progression — we felt we could have a clothing line. We’re going to release it in the fall. We like army fatigues so we did army fatigues, jeans and T-shirts. Dudes love T-shirts so what we did with the T-shirts [was] we put slogans on them. One of them was the ‘Scarface’ [movie] slogan, ‘Love the American Dream With a Vengeance.’ It says ‘Get Yours By Any Means.’ I have one that says ‘America’s Most Wanted’ and I have another one that says ‘Come and Get Me.’ “