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Ja Rules back..first single with Lil Wayne

Posted By on July 13, 2007

Ja Rule is back with his first new album in 3 years. The video below is behind the scenes on his first single 'Uh Oh' featuring Lil Wayne. In the video Ja Rule and his crew answer many unanswered questions that people have been wanting to ask. Including what they would do if 50 Cent dissed him right now. Was entertaining and as much as we all hate Mini-2Pac's(aka ja fool) short ass the dude comes with some heat every once in awhile. If he can just stay out of the beef and focus on doing his music and maybe drop Irv Gotti he'll be straight. Im looking forward to the final version of this video.


Ja Rule Lil Wayne Un Oh
Ja Rule Lil Wayne 'Uh Oh' Wallpaper