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Remy Ma, Ja Rule & LiL Wayne All In Court Today, Watch The Video

Posted By on November 7, 2007

Meanwhile, Remy Ma, also charged with assault after she allegedly shot her own friend, had a tougher time finding her car than she had in the courtroom — where her case was adjourned until December 5. When asked how court was, the normally yappy rapper deadpanned, "It was court."

Ja Rule (real name: Jeff Atkins) and his road manager, Dennis Cherry, also appeared to face criminal weapons-possession charges (which were also adjourned), and just to finish things off, Lil' Wayne — Dwayne Carter — made a hooded entrance, also to face weapons charges.

By the way, Remy, we're told, ditched her Anna Wintour look from last time and went with more Lil' Kim-ish extensions — and she seemed to be sporting the same pink-ish lollipop when she left as she did when she went in.