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Jadakiss Talks About His Letter To B.I.G.

Posted By on January 29, 2009

    Yesterday Jadakiss had his new video "Letter To B.I.G." [watch here] hit the internet and now he is explaining the song to everyone. “I wanted to make a letter to my dead homey just to tell him how I felt
about the game right now – the state of hip-hop – and how I thought
things was going,” Kiss said in a conference call. “I didn’t want it to be in song format or none of that. It’s
a real letter to Big. And it came across real strong to the people.
They accepted it; they got other people doing other letters, that’s a
beautiful thing when the song can inspire the people to do the same

    FINALLY SOMEONE SAYS IT. Jadakiss also didn't like the way Anthony Mackie played Tupac Shakur. “I really didn’t like the Pac character in that movie,” he admitted. “They could of did better on Pac.” We couldn't agree more Kiss. Jadakiss will have his new album "The Last Kiss" hit stores on March 10th.