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Jadakiss Talks Lox Reunion, Tour With Camron

Posted By on April 9, 2009

    Are the LOX back? Recently Jadakiss said that Diddy is trying to get back the group saying "Diddy made us a light offer, all you label heads. He made us a nice light one." [watch here] "Diddy is our big homie, but the people know the business wasn't as tight as it was supposed to be in the beginning," Jada said. "This [deal], it would have to be [right]. … Listen, he made the offer. He said, 'You know what we been through. I got extra bread for y'all.' That came out of his mouth." [watch here]

    Now what else is Jadakiss up to? Well he is currently promoting his new album "The Last Kiss." While doing so the rapper said hes planning a tour with Cam'ron. "Me and Killa supposed to go out, probably do some House of Blues-type of venues," he said. "Then I'm gonna try and sneak on that Weezy and Hov joint going out after that." [watch here]

    So will there be a tour with Lil Wayne, Jay-Z and Jadakiss? That would be huge or fans to which Jadakiss agreed "Yeah" [watch here]. Reps for Jay-Z and Lil Wayne said they haven't heard about a Jay and Wayne tour.

Jadakiss Talks The LOX Comeback, Possible Tour With Lil Wayne